Very productive, indeterminate variety, bred by great tomato creator, Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington. Tom Wagner describes this variety as a “green zebra type tomato with a green flesh and dark green stripes. It’s smaller than Green Zebra (…) closes to 2 inches i diameter. (…) Abracazebra is one of those varieties, that works well in a dryland farming, where you have no supplemental irrigation. Oftentimes the irrigation with extra water float the soil and the nutrients get lost, and the flavor of the tomatoes get jeopardize. I feel, the tomato that use more but natural sources of water, ground water supply, had better flavor. The sweetness is just so much better.” Regular leaf plants, with very good disease and heat resistance. Sweet and juicy, very good balanced tomato flavor. Excellent tomato! 70-75 days.
(About 10 seeds/packet)

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