Barossa Fest


Very productive dwarf tomato, that was developed by the members of the ‘Dwarf Tomato Project’ from a cross between ‘Golden Dwarf Champion’ and ‘Green Giant’. Bred by Patrina Nuske Small in 2005 and named ‘Sneezy’. Lou Larrieu, Carl Matthei, Craig LeHoullier, and Bill Minkey were also involved in stabilization work on this variety. Introduced in 2016 as ‘Barossa Fest’ – named after the Barossa Valley – one of South Australia’s premier wine-growing regions, where vintage festivals are celebrated each harvest season. Dwarf-type, indeterminate plants with potato and rugose leaf foliage. Good yield of small to medium (2-6 oz.), globe-shaped, pale yellow, smooth fruits, sometimes with pink blush on the blossom-end when fully ripe. Juicy and sweet, with a bit of tart aftertaste.
(About 10 seeds/packet)

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