This is an open-pollinated, non-GMO variety. Probably a renamed version of OSU Blue – which tomato ‘escaped’ the Oregon State University (OSU) labs. It was not entirely stable, and some growers decided to give segregations different names. This probably is one of the segregations that has been stabilized and named by a USA gardener. Indeterminate, but compact plants with dark purple stems and regular foliage. Haevy producer of small (30-60g), round, red fruit with very dark blue/purple antho shoulders that develop when fruits are exposed to UV light. Very rich in anthocyanins which are powerful anti-oxidants, which give the distinctive dark purple/black color to both the foliage and the fruit. Flavor is good, somewhat sweetish but mild. Fruits are larger than Indigo Rose, and ripen earlier.
(Abaut 10 seeds/packet)

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