Brandywine, Yellow


‘Yellow Brandywine’ is a variety, that seed was sent in 1991 by Barbara Lund of Ohio, USA to Craig LeHoullier of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and first introduced commercialy by ‘Johnny’s Selected Seed’. This is what Craig LeHoullier writes about the history of this variety:
‘I received seeds of Yellow Brandywine from Barbara Lund of Ohio in 1991. Barbara claims she received the variety from Charles Knoy of Indiana. I sent this variety to Rob Johnston, and that is the strain carried by Johnny’s Selected Seed. In looking at the seed catalog literature, the only tomato listed which matches closely the description of Yellow Brandywine is an old Henderson variety listed in 1890 called Shah – described as a gold fruited sport from Mikado. (NOTE: William Woys Weaver, in his book, draws the inaccurate conclusion that Shah is a medium sized cream or white tomato)’.
‘Yellow Brandywine’ is an indeterminate, potato leaf plant, that produce large (10-16 oz.), orange fruit. Very meaty flesh with creamy texture and an excellent, rich, intense flavor. Late, about 90 days from transplant.
(About 10 seeds/packet)

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