Fuzzy Wuzzy


‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ tomato was first offered in the Seed Savers 2006 Yearbook by Bryan Connolly and Diane Dorfer of Mansfield Center, Connecticut, who received the seeds from David Cavagnaro, Decorah, Iowa. Compact determinate plants with woolly grey-blue foliage grow about 2-2.5′ tall, excellent for containers. Regular leaf. Fruits are red, round or plum-shaped, fuzzy, with golden stripes, some with a little tip at the blossom end, 1-2 oz, firm and meaty, with bright pink interior. Very nice bright flavor. Good salad tomato, but it is also a great canning tomato. Very unusual variety. Midseason, about 75 days to maturity.
(About 10 seeds/packet)

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