Green Zebra


One of the most famous tomatoes ever. Gorgeous creation from the greatest tomato and potato breeder Tom Wagner, Everett, Washington, USA. Developed in the 1980’s. This is what Tom writes about the pedigree of his Green Zebra tomato: “The first breeding line was between ‘Evergreen’ and a crack-resistant red. The hybrid was red to start with, but an improved green evolved by the F-5 filial generation. The other parent was a cross of a green-striped red tomato that was a mutant out of an old market variety of the 1940’s, and another heirloom that Gleckler’s seed company had in an old catalog of the 1950’s”*. Green Zebra was selected by Tom for its beautiful green color, dark green stripes and very good crack-resistance. This is one of Tom’s favorite tomatoes, he is using many types of this variety very extensively in his breeding work. Green Zebra was released by Tom Wagner in 1983 via his Tater Mater Seed.
Indeterminate, regular leaf plants with very good diseases resistance, gives good yield of round, small (60-120g) green fruits with dark green and yellow stripes with a bit of tangy flavor.
(About 10 seed/packet)

* Read more: Pedigree of ‘Green Zebra’ tomato

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